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A 3 Step Approach to Buying a Valentine’s Day Gift

With Christmas gift shopping barely beyond the horizon, it is only natural to feel slightly stumped for Valentine’s Day gifts. And while flowers and chocolate are staple add ons, they should never be the main course; after all Valentine’s Day is just another excuse to celebrate the special person in your life, and celebrations of this caliber should be done to the best of your ability. For some, this means acquiring the most luxurious gift, but most of us know gifts that speak to your knowledge of your partner, outshines the most expensive item on the market. How special is that moment when they open their gift and their faces light up with a mixture of surprise and bliss, knowing that they have such a considerate and observant partner?

Though everyone’s goal is to recreate that picture perfect scene, it can be hard to pinpoint the best gift that can achieve it, when the market is filled with so many options. To help you narrow it down, we came up with a simple three step approach, that asks you 3 specific questions; the answers to these questions help you choose one gift and justify not buying others. By using this method, we hope you can choose the gift that leads to your picture perfect moment on this beautiful holiday!

What do they like? 

It’s no surprise that the first broad question to tackle is one that has to do with your partner’s interests. And the answer can be as broad as  “leisure” or as specific as  “the American Revolution”. If they have a specific genre of interest, try to think of items similar to the ones they already have; if they don’t already have a collection (an easy option would be to contribute to this) do you think they would enjoy starting one? There is nothing more special than buying the first item that can spark the inspiration to start a whole new hobby. 

Some popular picks from Scully and Scully for collectibles:

Porcelain Sergeant 1833
Decoupage Ostrich egg with Cheetahs
Royal Crown Derby Millie the Kitten Paperweight
Halcyon Days 2020 Valentine’s Day Enamel Box
Sterling Silver Aquarium Fish

And if their interest is not a specific topic and is instead an activity such as skiing or hunting, and they already have a lot of gear, the next best option is small but adorable mementos. In this case, Herend figurines would be the popular pick with hundreds of themed figurines to choose from.

Herend Ski Bunny
Herend Sneaky Fox
Herend Lovebirds

 Equally popular are items that makes their favorite activity just a bit fancier; for example, avid readers would definitely enjoy a glamorous morning in bed with a breakfast tray to hold their coffee and books, and aficionados of hosting the best cocktail hours would most likely love to serve their state of the art drinks in crafted barware. 

Breakfast Bed Tray with Reading Rack, Mahogany Finish
St. Louis Tommy Old Fashioned

What do they need?

If the first question is too broad, think about items that might make your partner’s life easier. The beauty of gifts like these is that instead of your partner having to get a basic functioning version of the item for themselves, you can get them the most durable and quality version that will last for years. For example, items such as cufflink or jewelry boxes, office accessories, trays, bar carts and even umbrella stands are all necessary pieces around the house; instead of the generic ones in the commercial market, you can make even these household items special and as an added bonus, have them remember you (and your thoughtful gift) each time they use it. 

Regency Tea/Bar Trolley
Chrome Plated Desk Set
Evenlode Red Flowers Tapestry Umbrella Stand
Horse Bookend/Doorstop
Shagreen Cufflink Boxes
Italian Leather Wave Jewelry Case

What are they like?

When all else fails and when there are still too many options, the best thing to do is to work backwards; specifically to pick the overall “look” of your gift and go from there. While most of us already observe our partners instinctively, and generally know where they lean in terms of styles, it wouldn’t hurt to pay extra attention to catch all the details for this special occasion. Are they more inclined to pick neutral or vibrantly colored items? Do they like understated items or bold ones? Is there a specific trend that they are currently experimenting with? When  you have these answers, see if you can find items within those categories that can hold symbolic meaning. Below we have some categories are already neatly compiled. Browse and see if you can get ideas!

Lucky & Red

Hollywood Regency

The Call of the Wild 


While we know that the perfect gift is bound to make your loved one very happy, we also emphasize that the thoughtfulness that you are putting into it will be the real shining moment to remember. 

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