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A Treasure Trove of Tapestries

Tapestry art has been in practice for thousands of years and is done by weaving. Tapestry, a blanket term to describe a range of woven material, is a form of weft-faced textile art that is traditionally created by hand on a loom.

Today, the weft threads are often made from finely twisted wool, but historically fine tapestries also included silk and metal-wrapped threads. Including metallic thread would greatly increase the cost of the tapestry
In medieval European and Renaissance works the original design was based on a full-scale color pattern known as a cartoon. The production and design of tapestry have since changed in some facets, but the artistry remains very clear.

We offer a wide variety of tapestry products from pillows to stools and tapestries alike. No matter the taste, we have the perfect product for any style. Featured are some of our popular designs:


Medieval Animal Tapestry Pillow
Two Birds Tapestry Pillows
Red Tapestry Pillows


Tree of Life Tapestry Footstool
Woodpecker Tapestry Footstool
Medieval Rabbit Tapestry Footstool


Evenloade Blue Tapestry Wastebasket
Library Tapestry Wastebasket
Morris Tulips Tapestry Wastebasket

Wall Tapestries

Vine Acanthus Tapestry Wall Hanging
Bird Acanthus Tapestry Wall Hanging
Tree of Life Blue Tapestry Wall Hanging


Tree of Life Tapestry Firescreen
Primrose Cream Tapestry Firescreen
Library Tapestry Firescreen

Umbrella Stands

Leicester Tapestry Umbrella Stand
Evenlode Blue Flower Tapestry Umbrella Stand
Evenlode Red Flowers Tapestry Umbrella Stand

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