Easter Bunny Parade

In your Easter bonnet with all the frills upon it…” looking for the grandest bunny in the Easter Parade. Easter is upon us, and as quickly as real rabbits multiply, it is time to grow your collection. Whether it be a new bunny in your favorite Herend color or an adorable Pewter piece, we have just the bunny to give your home that colorful, festive touch! If you are very lucky, they may even deliver an egg.

The artisans of Herend have passed centuries of tradition and technique – which is especially popular in their adorable bunnies.

Speaking of egg deliveries, the Easter Bunny has truly arrived decorated in a stunning fish scale:

Or you may be looking for an extra eggstravagant bunny:

Possibly bunnies with a twist?

Perhaps a pair:

Maybe even one to say a little prayer for you:

The craftsmanship in each pewter figurine seems as though it could up and move.

An eggcellent ready to paint the next masterpiece:

One with an entire workshop:

Even a bunny to help garden!

Eggs and friends alike:

Bunnies all the way from Limoges, France:

Ones from England:

And even ones from Austria!

No matter the bunny or where they have traveled, we have the perfect addition to your Easter celebration.

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