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Bubbles & Bubbly: How to Throw the Best Champagne Cocktail Party

Few of us can deny the aesthetic appeal of a glass of champagne. How could we, when  popular associations with the iconic champagne flute include old school Hollywood glam & luxurious getaways? 

Sophia Loren pouring champagne
Champagne sunset

Everything, spanning from its delectable taste to the glamorous bottles it comes in, propels us to include champagne in all toasts made to beginnings of new and happier chapters, including honeymoons & New Year celebrations.
But you don’t have to wait for the next big event to occur, to have some bubbly fun. While wine parties monopolize party themes across the world, how original and absolutely delightful would a champagne based cocktail party be for all lovers of themed parties? That’s why for this blog post, we decided to put together a guide for how to throw the best (and maybe your first!) champagne cocktail party, with recommendations on creating the right atmosphere and of course, having the right glassware. Before we get started, browse the most unique vintage & modern bottle designs for some true visual pleasure: 

The Bubbles

Notice we said champagne “cocktail” party. While quality champagne is a taste to treasure, it still can numb the palette because of the carbonation. To battle this, we recommend making different cocktails with champagne as the base. Some classic choices include French 75, the Cardinale & of course, the house favorite, Black Velvet. 

It is up to you whether you choose to include all recipes or focus on one. Most importantly don’t forget to have plenty of ingredients at the ready, to avoid runs to the market in the middle of what should be an enjoyable time for you as well! 

On account of this being a party, you shouldn’t forget to include some light snacks. While the exact carbs you choose to soak up the drinks will vary, we have some ideas on how to present them. Eye grabbing elegant centerpieces, perfect for small cocktail bites, would serve a dual purpose, functionally & aesthetically!


Christofle Mood Stainless Steel Flatware Set


Silverplated Floral Centerpiece Bowl

The Flutes

Now that you’ve achieved the perfect menu for the night, time to choose the appropriate glassware. Arguably the funnest part, with endless options to choose from, you should select barware that aligns with the tone of your party.

If your desired setting is classy and traditional, opt for faint or no etchings on clear glass.

Silverplated Crystal Champagne Flutes, Set of Two


Waterford Elegance Optic Collection Champagne Glasses


Waterford Elegance Collection, Champagne Glassware


Waterford Wishes Collection, Flutes



If you are hosting for mainly friends, and you want to experiment, definitely try  designs in fun vibrant colors:

William Yeoward Crystal Lulu, Light Green


St. Louis Tommy Champagne Flutes


Moser Pebbles Champagne Flutes

In addition, if you are buying new glassware, make sure that you are investing in quality pieces, that can be used beyond the day of the party.  Some favorites from Scully and Scully shoppers, that will last you for many gatherings to come:

Baccarat Harcourt Champagne Bucket
Baccarat JCB Passion Champagne Decanter
Waterford Lismore Diamond, Flutes Pair

To set the right atmosphere, we recommend mood lighting, barware accessories and maybe even brand new cocktail oriented furniture:

Stripe Bee Cocktail Picks, Set of 6


Antique Gold Leaf Cocktail Table with Glass Top


Mahogany Corner Cocktail Cabinet


St. Louis Bubbles


Waterford Lismore Candle Holders

The Tunes

Nothing sets you up for a great party, like curated atmosphere. While the above items will help you achieve that, the music you choose to complement the setting, will really “top off” your efforts. We suggest you start with more energized tunes, and as your guests’ conversations become more prominent, to switch to mellower alternatives. Either French 70’s classics or soft jazz from the 60’s, serve these purposes well!

However you choose to get creative with this bubbly party, we hope it generates (just the right amount of) buzz in your community and you are inspired to try more recipes & different settings. As always, leave your thoughts below!






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