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Easy Ideas for Easter Themed Home

A traditional Easter table is arguably the central focus of holiday themed gatherings but we don’t think you have to keep the spirit confined to only one part of the house! Home decor, that is in keeping with the holiday theme, is yet another fun way to spread the cheer. While for some, adding or putting away decor just for a few days is a chore, it can be made easy with small, hassle free items, that easily blend into their surroundings. Just add some flowers to your favorite vases after (preferably in spring colors) and voila! You got yourself a home well prepared for Easter Sunday.


Check out some of our and our customers’ favorites picks from over the years, all of which are featured in our Hello Spring collection:


What screams Easter more than this adorable Herend bunny? Handmade and handpainted porcelain from Hungary with 24k gold accents, it can be used for a pop of theme on your coffee table, or corners of your bookshelves! The bunny also comes in many different colors.


Haindpainted flora on an Easter egg couldn’t be more fitting for the occasion! Place this in the nooks and crooks of your home, and surprise your guests with your attention to even minutest details.


These sweet little boxes from Halcyon Days are usually meant as gifts, but if you don’t plan to exchange presents, you can also use them as small decor. Just open the box and place it anywhere it can easily be spotted. Better yet, place it among Herend figurines (in keeping with the theme, of course!) and you’ve got yourself a small oasis of celebration!


Nothing says homey like Pewter, so featuring it as decor around your house will be the perfect way to make your guests feel at ease! Adorable Easter themed Pewter is even better for the occasion!


If bronze figures are more your preference, the adorable Austrian Bronze Easter rabbit on its bicycle is the perfect fit! As an added bonus, each of these pieces are arduously crafted, requiring up to 14 coats of pigment, which allows this sweet rabbit to be a feature at your home for many Easters to come!


Crafted in a workshop of handful artists in Germany, this is yet another beautiful piece to have around your house on Easter. Featuring a blue bird that is removable, the paint of the tree alone requires two days of laborious work, to ensure perfect coverage and hue. A fitting item meant for a home ready to greet spring!


Once you have solidified the placement of your themed decor, time to put out fresh vases for spring. These hand-blown ones from William Yeoward are perfect for your bouquets of tulips, daffodils or camelia!


No feature of spring themed vases would be complete without a Herend vase and this classic Chinese Bouquet pattern is the perfect one to own for a lifetime of spring gatherings. Comes in three colors.


Stay tuned for more of our posts on Easter, including a guide to putting together the traditional holiday tabletop. As always, comment your thoughts below!

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