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The Guide to St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations

Lucky for most people, anything ranging from being Irish to wanting to host a party, is a reason to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. One of the funnest holidays of the spring season, it is a chance to reunite with friends, watch (or participate in) the annual parades held all over the world, and of course for some, a day to show pride in their ancestry. Before we delve into ideas for how to celebrate this day in style, we want to offer some history on the origins of the classic St Patrick’s symbols, as well as provide tips on how to celebrate the day in the most authentic way. Read on to find out more! 


St. Patrick’s Day commemorates the arrival of Christianity in Ireland and the rich heritage of the Irish in general. It is the traditional death date of Saint Patrick, the foremost patron saint of Ireland. Today, it is a public holiday in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and the British Overseas Territory of Montserrat. Following the Irish diaspora, it became a popular holiday that is celebrated all over the world, as immigrants from Ireland paid homage to their cultures by hosting festivities that include feasting and imbibing. A fun fact: One of the reasons for why food and alcohol serve such a central part on Saint Patrick’s day is because Lent restrictions were lifted on March 17th, every year in honor of the festivity!

The Shamrock

The three leaf clover is symbolic on St.Patrick’s Day because of its history. Saint Patrick is said to have used the shamrock to explain Holy Trinity to pagans, which is why it became a prominent feature in Irish traditions. It’s also the national flower and emblem of Ireland, and for this reason alone, a celebration can’t progress without the presence of this dainty flower either on your tables or on yourself!

Herend Four Leaf Clover Paperweight


Halcyon Days Clover on Navy Motif Bangle

The Leprechaun 

Leprechaun is a fairy that appears in Irish folklore. It’s known for its mischievous character and the pot of gold it hides at the end of the rainbow. Because catching a leprechaun means 3 wishes for a human, they are also strongly associated with luck. Therefore, having an adorable leprechaun featured on your table will not only evoke a strong sense of theme, but positive emotions as well! 

Herend Leprechaun Bunny

The Love for Green

The appreciation of green on Saint Patrick’s day is first and foremost a nod to Ireland’s nickname: Emerald Isle. In Irish folklore, green is also the color that protects you from leprechauns, who can’t see the color and therefore, wouldn’t be able to pinch you if you are garbed in green. Regardless of the reason for why, since green is one of the universally flattering colors, any chance to don beautiful shades of it, should certainly be taken! 

Sterling Silver & Enamel Frames 5″ x 7″


18k Gold Emerald & Yellow Beryl Necklace

Styling Tips 

Now that you’ve assembled all the thematic pieces, time to start styling the party table and decor! As with every holiday, we are conscious of the different types of celebrators and so we have a separate guide for each. 

If you love to go all out on the holidays, and aren’t afraid to stress the theme across every inch of your home, we suggest green decor, green tablescapes and green accessories. No attendee of your party will mistake the cause for the occasion and everyone will be feeling the holiday mood, at every moment of the day.

Ginori Impero Labirinto Emerald


William Yeoward Studio Vanessa Forest Green


Dark Green Daffodil Decorative Pillows


Porcelain Vine and Trellis Lamps


However, if you are a more modest appreciator of the day, there are ways to pay your tribute more subtly. Including more than 1 color theme, or featuring the symbolic holiday emblems not in green, serve this purpose very well!

Ercuis Leaf & Flower Silverplated Place Card Holders, Set of 6


Viden Double Old Fashioneds


Herend American Wildflowers, Red Clover


St. Louis Bubbles


However you celebrate March 17th, we hope you are in good spirits, all day long.  In line with the values of St. Patrick’s Day, we leave you with a witty Irish Proverb that relates to shamrocks, luck & the joy that is friends:

A good friend is like a four leaf clover, hard to find but even luckier to have!

As always, let us know your thoughts below!

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