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Decorating Your Home for Halloween

Fall is in full swing, which means it’s time to start thinking about ideas for Halloween decorations. Whether you’re looking for spooky ghosts and witches or cute pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns, Scully & Scully’s collection of Halloween-themed art makes the perfect complement to your holiday home decor. We’ve selected a handful of our favorite items we love that are sure to impress your Halloween party guests. Take a look:

Pewter Halloween Ghost Figurine: This handmade, handpainted ghost figurine is perfect for a good spook. Add this item next to your candy bowl to give trick-or-treaters some extra holiday fun.

Halloween Pewter Art: This dimensional collection allows for the opportunity to set these pieces together or apart. Because these creepy, kooky pieces feature expert detailing on each and every side, they are ideal for displaying in places where guests plan to sit in a circle, such as a dinner or coffee table, or perhaps even a spooky seance.

Porcelain Pumpkin: The longevity of this unique porcelain pumpkin piece works well for the Halloween season and beyond. Because pumpkins represent more than just Halloween, this piece will become a mainstay throughout the fall season and Thanksgiving. Simply place it next to your traditional cornucopia and you’re all set!

Pewter Pumpkin Mouse House: Not all Halloween decorations have to be scary, especially if you may have little ones around who are easily skittish. This pewter pumpkin mouse house makes an adorable addition to your home decor during the holiday. It’s great for kids who prefer to be princes and princesses as opposed to goblins and ghouls. In addition, the expertly handmade artistry is sure to ‘wow’ all the adults in the room as well.

Be sure to visit our Home Decor collection for even more items the whole family can treasure for many years to come.

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