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Easter Picnic Basket Delight

In the entirety of Western culture, perhaps no holiday best represents the archetypal essence of springtime better than Easter. The relationship between winter and spring is inherently dichotomous, coldness and scarcity contrast with warmth and indulgence. As such, Easter’s placement within the Western calendar – arriving shortly after winter’s official termination & following the fasting period of Lent – is perfectly demonstrative of the symbolic distinction between winter and spring, poverty and plenty, death and rebirth. In modern times, the symbolism has been transformed as our cultural appreciations have shifted and developed: the Easter bunny became the icon for springtime fertility, the Easter basket full of sweet confectionaries represents the fruits of the Lenten commitment to fasting, and of course the Easter egg hunt itself is deeply connected to the notion of spring’s renaissance. For this Easter 2022, we at Scully & Scully highlight this spectacular Easter Picnic Basket and the delightful goodies therein.

Noticeable highlights of this Easter collection, the Herend Bunny with Butterfly and the Herend Berry Bunny wonderfully usher forth the spirit of Easter with vibrant colors and carefree disposition. World renowned for their paramount quality and elite clientele, the Hungarian porcelain manufacturers at Herend represent the pinnacle of both craftsmanship and technique. Initially, Herend only produced figurines of rabbits in addition to their luxury china, making these Herend Bunnies – and all Herend hares – legacy artifacts. Featuring the classic Herend fish scale pattern with 24k gold accents, these adorable collectibles are wonderful choices for Eastertime gifts!

Featured Products:

Herend Bunny with Butterfly

Herend Berry Bunny

Daum Crystal Pair of Yellow Ducklings

Essex Picnic Basket for Four

Ginori Oriente Italiano Azalea with Gold Trim

Ginori Oriente Italiano Malachite

Baccarat Swing

Baccarat Crystal Blooms

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