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Vacation on the Riviera

Blindingly white beaches, turquoise water, a cloudless sky with only the slightest breeze whispering through shoreline leaves: the French Riviera (or Côte d’Azur, as it is known in French) is world-renowned for a reason. But this picturesque coastal stretch was not always a favorite destination of vacationing families and superyachts. It was only in the… Read More Vacation on the Riviera

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Easter Picnic Basket Delight

In the entirety of Western culture, perhaps no holiday best represents the archetypal essence of springtime better than Easter. The relationship between winter and spring is inherently dichotomous, coldness and scarcity contrast with warmth and indulgence. As such, Easter’s placement within the Western calendar – arriving shortly after winter’s official termination & following the fasting… Read More Easter Picnic Basket Delight


Winter in New York

Time to pull out the extra layers as the first snow storm of 2014 ends in New York City! Stay warm and safe everyone. Enjoy a beautiful rendition of NYC in the winter by artist Frederick Childe Hassam.


Christmas in New York

There is no place like New York for the holidays.  The tree at Rockefeller Center, Christmas Spectacular at Radio City, skating in Central Park, the brights lights of the season adorning stores, trees, and buildings alike. No part of the city remains untouched during this magical time. Enjoy some of our favorite images with Christmas… Read More Christmas in New York