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How to Style the Luxurious European Home

Europe is a multicultural continent with a rich and long history. As the birthplace of influential literature, arts and styles it not only gave rise to some of the greatest minds in the world, it was at times the source of inspiration for their work.

It’s not hard to imagine then, why Europe holds such a romanticized vision for Americans. Vacations across the continent are usually associated with long carefree days, soaking in the breathtaking scenery and monumental architecture, as grand in stature as it is in historic meaning.  But visitors often come back from their tours with more than just memories; the popularity of European interior decor in the States attests to its appeal as the effortless sophisticated style that many try to recreate. In this blog, we have compiled all the know hows on how to instill the European flair in your home!


Since the continent is made up of many countries, which have distinctive interior design styles themselves (think Scandinavian and French), the  “European style home” can initially seem vague. But undoubtedly. it has now evolved to encompass specific characteristics, that allow it to be a standalone theme. The most prominent characteristic of European homes is the combining of neutral colors with a color theme, often created through accent furniture or home decor. Neutral colored walls set the perfect fresh palette needed to play with deep set tones, usually in olive, rouje or cherry brown shades. 

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As for a general vision, think mostly Old World Charm, with some quirky pieces that offset the traditional look. Europeans are very apt at combining influences; it wouldn’t be uncommon to find a home with traditional furniture sets and contemporary decor, which often speaks to their interests. Among popular designs, safari and bohemian are by far most widely used.

Serengeti Conrad Chair with Zebra Stripe
Mahogany & Sycamore Fan Inlaid Side Cabinet
Sofa Booktable
Drop-Leaf Mahogany Extension Dining Table
Oval Inlaid Table
Pebble Gold Safari Wastebasket & Tissue Box Cover
William Yeoward Studio Vanessa Vases

Overall Vision

In terms of a particular era to envision, especially for furniture choices, European homes lean heavily towards mid-century. While Scandanavian design takes this to another level, usually collecting items that are more utilitarian, the European style balances the ultra modern look with ornate details, a romantic vision usually associated with Tuscan & French homes. 

Climbing Hydrangea Handpainted Mirror
Mahogany Chippendale Mirror
Lalique Pivoines Vase
Leather Table Clocks
Double-Pull Chain Floor Lamp

Much like their American counterparts, Europeans are avid fans of art. The most sophisticated homes always have art, usually enormous in size, that take advantage of high ceiling homes.

Regent Park in Green Silk Paintings

Whether you have always wanted to imitate European style homes or you are inspired to do so after a recent trip, we hope this guide motivates you to undertake the project, as the finished result will be well worth it!  As always, let us know your thoughts below.

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