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Item Spotlight: Halcyon Days 2021 Christmas Enamel Box

Perhaps more than any other month, December reveals the boundless kindness, sympathy, and creativity of the human spirit. We watch as autumn’s resplendently multicolored foliage withers and fades, but instead of acquiescing to the sparseness of winter’s monochrome palette, we replace the vivacious colors of nature with our own manmade assortment of perennial evergreens, sanguine reds, and glittering golds. Indeed, the essence of Christmas might best be encapsulated by the very action of decoration, in replacing what we lost from nature’s bounty with the fruit of human imagination.

A highlight of our Christmas collection, the Halcyon Days 2021 Christmas Enamel Box is a truly priceless gift imbued not only with a beautifully vibrant display, but also with a sentiment that perfectly summarizes the holiday spirit. Opening the lid reveals this heartfelt message: “Christmas gives us an opportunity to pause and reflect on the importance of family and friends.” Though it uses just sixteen words, there is likely no better description for the Christmastime spirit to be found this year. Additionally, the poetically minded will delight to know that personalized messages can be inscribed inside the base of the box to best convey the unique emotions that the holiday season evokes within us.

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