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November Mood Board: Welcome Thanksgiving

In the heart of autumn’s bittersweet grasp lies one of the oldest harvest celebrations in recorded history, Thanksgiving. The earliest conclusive account of the holiday dates as far back as 1621, wherein the Pilgrims and Puritans who settled in Plymouth, Massachusetts celebrated not only the traditional English festivals of fall – the Days of Fasting and the Harvest Festival – but also the bountiful crop provided the autumn prior by Native Americans. Undoubtedly, the first settler’s survival during that initial frigid winter (and the winters that followed) was wholly dependent on the Native American’s generosity and wisdom. Centuries later, that original act of kindness continues to reverberate with our collective sentiments, reminding us that prosperity and humility go hand in hand. For this November mood board, we celebrate Thanksgiving’s multicolored cornucopia with an arrangement of festive holiday figurines, magnificent crystal sculptures, and hand-painted bronze foliage.

A highlight of this collection, the porcelain figurines by the master artisans at Herend are as charmingly rendered as they are studiously executed. Consider that Herend was founded in 1826 and that their past clientele includes Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom and Francis Joseph I of Austria: it is the ultimate testament to patience and perseverance that such beautiful artifacts can be wrought by human hands. Much like Thanksgiving’s harvest cornucopia, Herend’s fine collectibles are the magnificent result of fastidious dedication.

Featured products:

Herend Turkey

Herend Tom Turkey

Herend Pilgrim Bunny

Crystal Cornucopia Sculpture

Daum Crystal Red Apple

Pewter Pine Tree with Squirrel & Bird

Pewter Large Late Fall Tree

Tulips Burgundy Glass Coasters

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