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A Marvelous Mother’s Day

On May 10th, 1908, the first Mother’s Day celebration was held by Anna Jarvis in Grafton, West Virginia, thus initiating an annual event that would become globally recognized as the official holiday to commemorate the miracle that is motherhood. The inspiration for the holiday was unsurprising but not by any means uninspiring, Anna’s own mother, Ann Jarvis. A uniquely caring individual, Ann provided unbiased aid as a nurse during the civil war and advocated for a total denouncement of violence. She continued to promote strong community bonds after the war and was an active orator on subjects ranging from religion to public health until her death in 1905. Indeed, she was undoubtedly the catalyst for Anna’s own revelation that womankind should receive a national holiday. In honor of both Jarvis’ societal contributions, we at Scully & Scully are highlighting a heartwarming selection of enamel boxes that perfectly encapsulate the sentiment of Mother’s Day.

Lovingly handcrafted and hand painted in England by the master porcelain artisans at Halcyon Days, the Mother’s Day 2022 Enamel Box is a standout in this collection, the perfect gift to summarize the feelings of maternal love that we cherish so dearly. The inside of the box is customizable so that your personal emotions can be accurately conveyed.

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